Cuomo as an alternative to Biden and Sanders?





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truth_hurts · 3 months ago

Cuomo will never be President. He may be trying to steal the thunder now but it’s only because his state is a Covid-19 mess. Andy lost any chance of being President when he passed the anti-gun “Safe Act” in New York over one weekend and in the middle of the night. It was so secret and so ill written, the moment he signed it every police officer in his state became a criminal. There are many parts to it but residents in this state are only allowed to carry 7 rounds in their firearm. The law is so bad that it isn’t even enforced by any of the police departments. He has also snubbed his nose at all law enforcement and DA’s Office’s while pushing through bail reform this year where basically nobody goes to jail. It was complete pandering to minorities. You can now punch a police officer in New York State and get an appearance ticket. In New York City, if you get an appearance ticket, they will try to persuade to show up in court by giving the criminal tax payer funded subway tokens or Mets tickets. Think about that for a minute. He has made New York a welcoming place for criminals while making its residents less safe and with lesser ability to protect themselves. If and when middle America ever learns of how much of an idiot this guy really is, he wouldn’t have a prayer.

gobuddy · 3 months ago

Exactly, the guy is a big joke:
“Since its enactment in 2013, the number of assault weapons required to be registered has not met expectations, suggesting non-compliance with the law. By 2015, only around 45,000 such registrations were performed while the estimated number of assault weapons requiring registration nears 1 million”

Great job Cuomo.

truth_hurts · 3 months ago

In liberal New York, he can’t even get his residents to tell the state what they own. The current assault weapon registration compliance is estimated to be around 2% lol.

CyberWorrier · 3 months ago

Maybe as an alternative to Quid pro Joe, Bernie is history now. Cuomo, pro late abortion, pro free healthcare for illegals, pro Sanctuary cities…sounds perfect!

Absinthe_Mind · 3 months ago

Cuomo is at least informing New Yorkers while Biden continues to be muzzled by the Democratic Party as he is nearly home and dry and his advice would be confused and palpable. It goes to show how Democrats are lacking ‘leaders’ when someone like the inexperienced Andrew Cuomo is suggested as an option!