democrats are doomed





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@chazman70 chazman70 · #Fox · 9 months ago

Look at all of the Democrats failed attempts to remove Donald Trump. They have tried LIES, trickery , and blatent violations of the US Constitution. If our forefathers knew what is going on, they would rise from their graves and strike down every leftist, and socialist democrat, in congress. Talk about draining the “swamp”! We must get rid of Pelosi, Shiff, Shumer, and “the squad”. They are anti-American, self centered boobs, who dont give a hoot about Americans and their welfare. All they want to do is unseat Donald Trump, and inflate their egos…

chazman70 · 9 months ago

Hannity, Limbaugh, Shnitt, etc… are right! Democrats are doomed to their own stupidity.