Democrats' make or break week: Will their new impeachment hearings change something?





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@gobuddy gobuddy · #Fox · 8 months ago
GardenRose · 8 months ago

Hopefully, Trump’s collusion will be fully
identified this coming week.

ashandkev · 8 months ago

No, not at all. More hearsay, she said, he
said nonsense, and memory lapse

JacePearce · 8 months ago

This whole witness circus is like layers of
an onion, slowly unwrapping the truth,
and then finding it’s rotten in the centre.
So much supposed ‘hearsay’, 360 degree
memory changes, recent recollections!
I don’t see anything remotely
impeachable about all of this saga.
What I do see is Schiff desperately
trying to twist the knife, any way
possible, schooling the whistle blower(s),
but losing the argument.
Incidentally, George Soros was a trade
advisor to Obama in respect to Ukraine,
and owned a company funding Burisma.
The mind boggles?