Dems still keen on impeachment





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@SilentEyes SilentEyes · #Fox · 2 months ago
truth_hurts · 2 months ago

Good. Let them run with their derangement. Each time they say “impeach” Trumps approval rating goes up another point. It’s so funny.

Ive_got_a_sword · 2 months ago

When will these Muppets give it a rest? Their party is in disarray, they have just failed to impeach as no crimes were proved…have they got nothing better to do. Trump is a gimme for a second term and their ‘ragtail’ bunch of no hoper candidates offer little hope for the Nation. So impeachment under any circumstances is the preferred option with 2 fingers pointed upwards towards the weary U.S public!

stablegenius305 · 2 months ago

OK, we will give you a McGahn and a Bolton, and raise you a Joe, Hunter, Barrack and Kerry?