Epstein cellmate calls for video disappearance to be investigated





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@Absinthe_Mind Absinthe_Mind · #Fox · 5 months ago
SilentEyes · 5 months ago

I find it very strange that a four time psychotic killer like Tartaglione, was sharing a cell with Epstein in the first place? Did he help Epstein after the first “suicide attempt” or was he responsible and now attempting to play the good guy to remove the likelihood of the death penalty? Whichever way you look at it, the shenanigans with the disappearance, reappearance, and then the wiping of video evidence, is astonishing, and stinks of a cover up. I think Tartaglione’s lawyer has been instructed to deflect from the dubious Epstein suicide verdict with this red herring. Those at the very top continue to pervert the course of justice to cover up Epstein’s murder.

Absinthe_Mind · 5 months ago

I do not think Tartaglione was all that more psychotic than Epstein.