Epstein estate $57 m richer





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@Youngguari Youngguari · #Fox · 4 months ago
Ive_got_a_sword · 4 months ago

An obscene amount of money ‘earnt’ by this once protected serial paedofile. Epsteins murder enquiry has gone very quiet, I wonder why? Prince Andrew won’t testify, Ghislaine Maxwell is conveniently ‘missing’ and all the alleged fellow perverts like Bill Clinton, Dershowitz and many others, haven’t even been brought into question. Surely there isn’t a huge cover up here? Hmm.

Fubiz · 4 months ago

Let’s hope that some of the victims of Epstein’s perverse crimes get compensated. Denise George is suing the estate for hundreds of millions as he was using his two Virgin Island estates to traffick kids. Surely this attorney and other law enforcement must have known something was going on for over 20 years?!

Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops · 4 months ago

You are right, how did this go on for twenty years without authorities on the Virgin Islands not knowing? I’m guessing that Epsteins Lolita Express would have transported dozens of trafficked kids over that time scale, accompanied by those who we are not allowed to know about.