Evidence from Epstein's autopsy pointing to his murder





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@gobuddy gobuddy · #Fox · 4 months ago
magahat · 4 months ago

Epstein dead and Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly being protected by the British Royal Family…can you see where this is going. Jeffrey Epstein was “bang to rights” and was about to name ex Presidents, Royalty and other huge players as implicated in sexual crimes against kids, many underage. Shaun Attwood, a journalist in the U.K who has covered the subject of Epstein and in fact the Clinton’s, has released over100 videos, offering some damning evidence of those involved…recommended. We will never be told the real truth, there are far too many public figures with too much to lose.

CyberWorrier · 4 months ago

Why did the coroner change the death certificate from “inconclusive” to hanging suicide, what made them change their mind? The four time killer ex cop Tartaglione, 6ft 4 and Epstein’s cell mate, could have been used to kill Epstein. His lawyer has been fighting to get the death penalty withdrawn for his client for the murders of four drug dealers. The lawyer has been publicly critical of the wiping of video evidence of Epstein’s supposed “attempted suicide,” it is all bluster. I just have the hunch that Tartaglione is key to Epstein’s murder, and took a deal.

IraqiVet49 · 4 months ago

The three breaks in Epstein’s hyoid bone in his neck is pretty key, as a medical examiner pointed out that in 50 years of registered suicides this has not been seen before. This is further evidence of foul play and a cover up from the very top.