Graham wants impeachment trial to end quickly





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@Sarahknowsbest Sarahknowsbest · #Fox · 6 months ago
josephinemunoz · 5 months ago

This man is corrupt. They must have secrets between them that keeps them all illegal. They are terrified to speak up against the crooked president so they are running around like chickens with there heads cut off cause he has info on all of these men. My opinion

LukeBizzare · 6 months ago

I think the dems will be nervous about calling witnesses as Republicans have a better chance of quid pro quoing Joe and his kin. Biden has been avoiding questions for too long.

josephinemunoz · 5 months ago

They can go after Joe legally. Bring him as a witness bring all the Bidens. Bring all the witness. Enough of left and right its truth time

Youngguari · 6 months ago

They want to call witnesses…but only not Bidens. That is why Graham is against it.