kris · 4 months ago

Meanwhile we have a President lying about a ceasefire that never actually happened, and praising himself for sending soldiers home, when they are actually going to fight for Saudi Arabia…but nothing from Fox saying he is losing it lol.

CyberWorrier · 4 months ago

‘Finally lost it’? The woman was never sane in the first place.

Ive_got_a_sword · 4 months ago

Mad as a hatter!

gobuddy · 4 months ago

Many, (If they hadnt before) will be questioning the sanity of Hillary with these absurd outbursts.
She is still suffering from the trouncing Trump gave her in 2016, and the Russia obssession continues to engulf any kind of reasoning.
Attacking her own party candidates, acting as if she is still a player…the woman needs a good shrink.