Hunter Biden under a number of criminal investigations





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@SilentEyes SilentEyes · #Fox · 3 months ago
CyberWorrier · 3 months ago

If Hunter has 10 criminal investigations underway…Trump has 100. So what? Criminal investigations do not yet mean that he will be convicted.

IraqiVet49 · 3 months ago

Hunter Biden has eventually got to answer many unanswered questions as he has been ‘dodging the bullet’ for far too long whilst Trump has been slaughtered for a telephone call. Everybody now knows the hazy, drug riddled background of Biden junior, his ‘inexplicable’ massive income at Burisma…when having zero experience and the subsequent cover up. The man was kicked out of the navy, hit the crack pipe and the rest is history. Add to that a paternity accusation, since confirmed and ignored, and this weak character should be brought to book. Get this man under oath.

Youngguari · 3 months ago

Hunter Biden is not a politician, unlike Trump. Being in Trump’s position involves scrutiny.

magahat · 3 months ago

Maybe, but he is the son of Joe Biden-who is the presidential candidate. If Joe Biden was willing to use his influence to help his crooked son to get into positions of power…what does it say about him as a person?