Pelosi rips up Trump's speech





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@Fubiz Fubiz · #Fox · 4 months ago
CyberWorrier · 4 months ago

Who the hell does this woman think she is. This is not the platform for Pelosi to put on a ‘bad Lucille Ball show’ it’s the State of the Nation Presidential address. But I guess a
cheap, headline grabbing spectacle from Pelosi, is kind of expected these days.

Ive_got_a_sword · 4 months ago

We have become to expect this kind of petulance from toxic Nancy.

gobuddy · 4 months ago

Trump gave a very impressive State of the Union address and Pelosi acted above her station which seems to be part of her anti American DNA. The best part for me was to see Schiff and Nadler squirming in their seats as Trump delivered a positive message, and underlined/reinforced his Employment successes, argued against the ‘Sanctuary cities’ who undermine the security of our great Nation allowing protection of illegal aliens, and rewarded and respected men and women who had made a difference to our Nation or had overcome problems. Pelosi hates the fact that she is no longer in the driving seat as Trump goes from strength to strength, and ripping up the speech was a petulant gesture of a loser who thrives on self promotion rather than acknowledge the many plusses put into practice by Trumps administration. A bad week for the Dems, and Trump stole the night, looking very good for a second term in office.