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@ricktbaron ricktbaron · #Fox · 10 months ago

We are all becoming self-aware of the downsides of a viral plague, and we have yet to see the bottom of this pit. However, as in all things there are both good and bad, positive and negative attributes. I always try to remain positive even though there are those times, especially when I am about to use the bathroom that I become anxious over the thought of no toilet paper. I have yet to resolve this challenge, but I can assure you that I will approach this matter as I do most other problems head on and with the idea of success at all costs.

Personally, I have had direct relations with the educational system for the past year or so, continue to do so, aside from my past tenure as a parent with two sons incarcerated in the antiquated school system run by the federal prison system. Conditions on the ground are abysmal, yes antiquated, and most importantly wholly inefficient. It is a blend of the US Post Office meets the IRS with both vying for power and influence over the other. one hand does not know what the other is doing unless they are using hand sanitizers, then we are all on board, full speed ahead. Our educational system is so inefficient, if this were a private institution, they would have closed their doors, filed for bankruptcy centuries ago.

However, now comes a tremendous opportunity to reverse all of this inefficiency and move directly into the “Age of Aquarius” with some effective, genetically altering, evolutionary changes. This could very well be that watershed moment when man, influenced by a microscopic inhabitant of his world altered his course forever and for the good of the species.

Case in point, close the schools.

This idea of carting millions and millions of undeveloped, uneducated human beings millions of miles daily across the nation to antiquated school campuses only to insufficiently train them in the basics of the world is ludacris. Why on earth are we willing to end this practice at the drop of a virus when w have been doing this forever the wrong way. The answer is “TIMING”. Now is the time to make our move. The President and the Congress are already on board to make this happen immediately.

In business, we prefer to weigh our options to have a better understanding as to which decision to make and to aid ourselves in the process of making that decision. Many times the decision has already been made by virtue of the facts. The only question that remains is “Why haven’t we done this sooner?”. NO BRAINER!

There will always be adjustments to the implementation of new ideas, we get that. There will be tremendous push-back from the teacher’s union I am certain of that. However, there are benefits for them as well. Let’s consider these positive factors.

The first issue would be the fact that there would not be a need for these huge, multi-million dollar brick and mortar facilities to pay for, service and maintain. Just recently in my area, an almost $5 million dollar offer was made on a tract of land for a new school in a district that already has probably 10 schools between them. Yes, the existing schools are at capacity from the more recent growth in the area, but are we really utilizing our best talents in continuing this ridiculous mentality? No, we are not. The projected cost of the new school construction budget is $35-40 MILLION DOLLARS. LET’S GO WITH $40 MILLION SINCE IT IS GOVERNMENT. One school in one district across America. When I was living in Texas, just north of Austin, they decided to build another High School in our district, which would have made this five high schools. The facility when completed was a palace of glass and money…spare no expense. The parcel of land was on a hill with dramatic views of the surrounding area…very expensive land…for a high school. Of course, with that came a sporting arena to die for…state of the art. Here is where the problem came in. They decided to house the school full of 9th and 10th graders and, get this, give them a strict dress code. Ok, we’re tired of sending our half naked daughters home along with our sons who couldn’t keep their pants up if they tried. After the first year, the schools perfromance levels were in the tank…the worst on record. Texas has real problems in their schools to begin with but this was the epitome of a waste of resouces and human beings.

Of course, within this bloated facility of higher education we now have paid, full time air marshalls stationed on campus as well as the expense of security fencing, cameras, gates, entryways and measures unheard of only 5 years ago. A huge expense that only governement and taxpayers can afford.
To add to the debt, these inmates must be fed…at least two meals a day. Preparation facilities must be included in the plan to prepare, store and feed the hords daily. From what I have seen first hand of the waste of food that goes uneaten and into the trash would be enough to curl your nose hairs, because these children are not necessarily hungry because many of them have been eating and drinking since they woke. There is no shortage of food and snacks at a school. The cockroach problem in the school I was in was absolutely disgusting. WHY? because there was more food on the floors in each classroom than there was schoolwork.

At the beginning of each school year and at other times during the year, books are arriving by the truckload. Supplies for the students are included in those shipments but as the teachers will admit, their cupboards are already overflowing from unused supplies from the previous years. But this is the government system of supply and demand. No matter the supply demand more to increase ur budget or you may not get any at all. There is no incentive to save. Cases of hand sanitizer were being thrown away because of expiration dates on the packaging which was the case bacause they had so much of it they could not possibly use it all. And yet they were required to buy more. Books would essentially be replaced by virtual books…a savings of millions of dollars alone, let alone shipping costs and the waste of cardboard, fuel and trees. ONE WOULD THINK THAT THE CLIMATE CHANGERZ WOULD BE ON THIS LIKE FLIES TO SHITE.

What would happen is that all students would receive a laptop or chromebook which many of themalready have. Wifi service could easily be provided and the expense nominal. Where the huge gain would be is in the switch from disruptive, out of control classrooms to the quiet and safety of one’s home…less the gunfire outside. Classes and programs would be as normal, and could be as structured as any school setting if not more. Of course with this virtual system, teachers and support staff would still be needed to assist a student in any way possible with the programing and information…but this would be no different than what is experienced now.

The savings in hand sanitizer, toilet paper and various other supplies would be astronomical.

School shootings would be virtually eliminated and parents would be brought right to the forefront of their child’s education. THIS IS NOT THE CASE TODAY. Most people do not understand today’s world of education. Perents are being slowly and stealthily removed from their children’s care. The school age of children are being lowered to accomodate the schools needs for new recruits as well as the parents nees to be rid of their children at the earliest age possible so that the parents can get on with their more important duties of life. I kid you not. This is happening right before our eyes; cradle to grave courtesy of the government and the so-called educational system. I read of a parent here who could not find day-care for her 6-month old child near her home because of overcrowding and had to travel quite a distance to a day care opening for her child. Now this mother may have needed to work and may have needed childcare at such an early age, but this is where we are in today’s world. What are these folks doing now in light of the plague?

And so, one can see where this is going…the reasoning for this shift is insurmountably in favor of the new “home schooling” concept. Savings in transportation costs alone are overwhelming. Property taxes would have to be lowered of to offset the savings

Finally, the only downside to this is that parents would have to seriously reconsider how many children they wish to have because of the newly intended responsibilities for their children’s care. This is where we would see the greatest pushback aside from the teacher’s union…but with the pandemic, these changes are already occurring.

While one is thinking about the idea…now is the time to begin the changes. No need to skip a beat in the child’s education. They could be online within days learning and I would argue much more efficiently and effectively.


Sarahknowsbest · 10 months ago

While I do not think that our school system is perfect, closing the schools is really overboard. If it went online, kids would be playing computer games and fooling around on social media-certainly not studying. Kids need DISCIPLINE, and parents nowadays are too permissive. Kids also need to be thought responsibility, and the most important of all- coexisting and working in the same environment with a bunch of their peers, learning to accept differences in the process. If they did not have schools, they would have spent entire time playing computer games. I know what I’m saying…I have a nephew and niece. What these kids need is detoxication.

ricktbaron · 10 months ago

Overboard? The schools are now closed and will be. They are scrambling to coordinate at-home studies as we speak…so I am not certain u r current on tha trends. Being an aunt is close, but no cigar…what u missed is that students are behaving as they are now and something has to change dramatically. I understand ur pessimistic attitude, but that does not help resolve the problem. Thanks

gobuddy · 10 months ago

Rick, make sure you self isolate in the bathroom my friend.

ricktbaron · 10 months ago


LukeBizzare · 10 months ago

What do you make of this Rick?

Excellent text BTW.

ricktbaron · 10 months ago