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To read this article and many more forthcoming, one will get the sense, while some will miss the point completely, that change is the operative word. Thinking positively, Plague is good. In the greater perspective, the plague represents an evolutionary shift, similar to an elipse, the arrival/passing of a comet and a massive earthquake occurring along the faultines of two tectonic plates. The bible provided for species-ending floods, the destruction of cities filled with debauchery and sin only to be outdone by an “end of days”.

The entire school system is broke but because of a multitude of reasons, it has been self-sustaining and 2BIG2FAIL…until now. It is the hidden and dirty little secret of bureaucrats, administrators, educators and influence peddlers. The school system makes the post office look good.

Fortunately, we have a gift from the Universe and it is called tha Plague. This affliction will do more for mankind than one can imagine at this early stage. Harsh words, yes, but true. Right now school essentially is over for the 2019-2020 year and those directly involved are scrambling like an ant hill after it has been kicked up by some kids looking for excitement and something to do. “Let’s f*ck with tha ants”. This article describes the chaos facing millions of people as I write. The list of considerations and alternatives is infinite as humans scramble to make sense, seek shelter and cope.

What is underlying all of the changes on tha surface is the reality of conditions precedent within the school system prior to tha Plague. That is the fact that schools are failing at an alarming rate. Earlier this year (Pre-Plague), there was an article published on google concerning some schools in Colorado and the crisis stage they found themselves in. The article then stated that this was the case across the state and found in other states. DUUHHHHH! Wake up folks…this is America’s dirty little secret. The schools I have been in, in Texas and Florida are no better. Overcrowding, poor performances, teachers overwhelmed with responsibilities and I could go on. However, these matters are/were brewing under the mantle of ignorance. Tha Plague is doing us a favor by forcing us to rethink what was once “untouchable”.

In the end, the true effect on the species may be to finally give serious consideration to having babies like snorting another line of coke. Many humanz have lost sight of their responsibilities as parents, which is the greatest factor in the failure of the school system. Cradle to grave has many connotations…some good and some are purely evil.


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