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@chazman70 chazman70 · #Fox · 7 months ago

We must give President Trump tremendous credit for handling the illegal impeachment and now the flattening economy and the coronavirus a lot is put upon him for which he has no fault at all and yet he maintains his cool. we need to re-elect him for sure! Having a non-political president and amongst the political swamp he’s exciting all his policies are working and it is killing the Democrats and liberals and socialist the think that the American public are enjoying what is happening in our country before the coronavirus. The president’s desire to reopen the economy in his admirable and worth the risk I was second outbreak now that we know how to maintain ourselves during an outbreak. Just remember the annual flu epidemic kills more people than Coronavirus and I am sure the American people are smart enough to handle this problem we open the economy let’s get things moving again with caution but let’s get things moving reclaim America’s greatness

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