Sanders campaign irritated by Ocasio-Cortez?





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truth_hurts · 8 months ago

Maybe even Sander’s is starting to figure out she’s a complete idiot. It’s almost unbelievable someone so dumb could get voted into that office. Scary actually. She’s an embarrassment to bartenders.

patkgreen · 8 months ago

The likes of Cortez and Omar are a risk to our National Security, and Sanders endorses these dangerous parasites…that says it all about Sanders.

JacePearce · 8 months ago

How are they a risk to our national security? Because their last names are not Smith and Johnson? So racist.

FireStorm · 8 months ago

Cortez is an ambitious self serving anti American villain. To tell Americans to block ICE and CBP in there investigations to weed out illegals, is criminally obstructive and would expose the minorities (that she aspires to represent) to potential danger. Cortez, who didn’t even mention Sanders name whilst covering for him in Iowa, and her other anti American cronies, says much about Sanders lack of reason and unsuitabilty for the top job. Don’t get me started about Michael Moore!