Trump calls himself "a wartime president"





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@Fubiz Fubiz · #Fox · 12 days ago
JacePearce · 12 days ago

If I recall it well…Trump promised to get us out of all wars?

truth_hurts · 12 days ago

And Obama was re-elected promising the country they could keep their doctors and plans and save $2500.00 per family per year. All lies that we later found out he knew were lies when he said them. Unfortunately, you were probably around 10 years old back then and don’t remember that. I can tell you in my entire lifetime, I have never seen a President actually work to fulfill his campaign promises like Trump has and he is doing it, despite being fought in Congress every step of the way. It would be amazing what he could accomplish for this country if they actually worked with him every once in a while.

IraqiVet49 · 11 days ago

Completely true. Because the mainstream media is against him, Trump actually has to work fulfill his campaign promises. Obama could fart and they would be calling it brilliant.

truth_hurts · 11 days ago