gobuddy · 3 months ago

The whole impeachment probe is highly
flawed. The Dems are rabidly chasing
Trump as they need the leverage to give
one of the 3 olduns a chance of success
next year. Otherwise, without a successful
impeachment, they are not in the race.

Hamburgler · 3 months ago

If would be nice if Congress could choose country over party and figure things out based on facts rather than sticking to teams. One side is spinning the situation into hysteria while the other is doing what’s best for the country. It may be a little unclear which, but the truth will be revealed eventually and history will not be kind.

FireStorm · 3 months ago

He is losing the plot. All the time with the same rhetoric, but never saying anything new. He is putting too much hopes into the Senate. But if it is a secret ballot…I’m pretty sure he will lose the Senate too.