Dementia and Biden





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@joebidenforAG joebidenforAG · #Funny · 9 months ago
joebidenforAG · 9 months ago

Pretty sure this guy has full blown dementia. I watched him mix up his wife and sister yesterday.

FireStorm · 9 months ago

I would not really make any conjectures about what is wrong with him, knowing what happened to his older son. We need to be human beings first and foremost.

Fubiz · 9 months ago

No need to make this dramatic…This is a normal behavior for someone who is 77. Nothing more, nothing less.

truth_hurts · 9 months ago

…and nobody who should be seeking the most powerful position in the world while losing his mental capacity.

JacePearce · 9 months ago

What about Trump slurring his words? Biden is not losing his mental capacity, he has occasional lapses, and he rushes too much. He is not eloquent. But neither is Trump.