Absinthe_Mind · 4 months ago

These rebel Tories will only come back and
vote for this deal as it suits them… and their
paymasters…the e.u. People come a very distant second.

Sarahknowsbest · 4 months ago

British case also shows just how removed from people democracy is. This people voted for Brexit, did they? So what is the problem now? The so-called elites are trying to steal their votes.

IraqiVet49 · 4 months ago

The left will be happy.

ashandkev · 4 months ago

I’m not following Brexit all too much, but it appears that neither of the sides is really happy. What does it tell us? They do not even care about democracy, neither here nor in the UK, they are just preoccupied with elections and party life.

JacePearce · 4 months ago

I pray that the Boris ‘deal’ is voted down again. It doesn’t even resemble Brexit.