SleepyJoe · 2 months ago

This has gone on far too long.
Sacoolas should be sent back to the
U.K to face the music.

Youngguari · 2 months ago

Why was Sacoolas allowed to flee the U.K
under diplomatic immunity and then be
found that she didn’t have immunity at
I feel so sorry for the Dunn family here,
they have acted with dignity throughout
this terrible time, and deserve better.

stablegenius305 · 2 months ago

Anne Sacoolas should have done the
right thing after Harry Dunn was killed.
Instead, she hid behind diplomatic
immunity…which was later to be
found false.
She has time to do the right thing,
rather than to prolong the agony of
the Dunn’s, who deserve closure.
They are not chasing the money, to
imply it or to offer them a cheque, is
extremely insulting.

JacePearce · 2 months ago

If Trump, as reported here, DID offer
money to the Dunn family, this is an
insult to the family and to the memory
of their son, Harry.
The family are not interested in money,
but justice, after Harry’s manslaughter,
and then some closure.