Johnson compares Corbyn to Stalin





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Fubiz · 7 months ago

Johnson is only protecting those billionaires who Corbyn wants to tax…because they are funding his campaign.

Sarahknowsbest · 7 months ago

And Johnson comes across like a better
educated Donald Trump???

Absinthe_Mind · 7 months ago

A slightly effeminate Stalin maybe.
Seriously, Corbyn is formerly very
radical left. In his younger days, he
courted Hamas, Hezbollah, and the
I.R.A, he is less radical these days
but anti semitism seems to be the
problem within his party.

JacePearce · 7 months ago

Corbyn is much nearer to the Marxist
philosophy shared by his friend and
major world disruptor, multiple
billionairre…George Soros.