Johnson's victory is the triumph of populism





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ashandkev · 5 months ago

These ‘populists’ are not over the line just
Boris Johnson, who is not the brightest,
has aspirations to get a quick deal with
the E.U over Brexit, Brussels will resist
this for as long as possible.
In the mean time, although they have
reduced numbers, the anti Brexit
politicians will try and thwart Johnson’s
deal in the Commons.
A long way to go .

gobuddy · 5 months ago

Johnson’s victory was all about Brexit,
which the Labour Party have been
attempting to block for the last three
I disagree with the Trump connection,
Johnson has taken much of his buzz
words from Nigel Farage, the
Brexit Party leader.
The people were not about to
vote for a racist, Marxist, Corbyn
and all the ‘little Englander’ jibes
by those who should have known
better, strengthened their resolve
in freeing the country from Brussels.