Pakistan sentences university professor to death for blasphemy





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@Fubiz Fubiz · #Independent · 5 months ago
stablegenius305 · 5 months ago

Another example of the extreme measures carried out by a medieval cult in a modern World. Disgraceful.

LukeBizzare · 5 months ago

Islam proves once again how out of touch it is with human rights. The West embraces the likes of Saudi Arabia as ‘respected trading partners’ whilst conveniently overlooking mass executions, and Sharia law is now highly evident in parts of the U.K and other areas of Europe. Be careful what you wish for, as host Nations are in many ways counting the cost for importing a cult who want to ban Christmas, alcohol, dogs in the street and many other peaceful traditions. I send my best wishes to Professor Hafeez.

FireStorm · 5 months ago

Another example of the ‘religion of peace’ proving to be quite the opposite. Anyone who dares question the ‘norm’ is subject to this antiquated Sharia revenge, and we are in the 21st century! Brutality and human rights violation in its basest form.

JacePearce · 5 months ago

Would you say that Christianity is not the religion of peace, simply because Christian kings and missionaries were killing indigenous people, looting their lands…all in the name of Christianity? We should not generalize-ever!