Prince Andrew denies having sex with a teenager



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ashandkev · 6 months ago

The funniest part of his interview: Epstein has conducted himself in a manner unbecoming.

That is how they talk at Buckingham palace? A kid who pokes his tongue at guests conducts himself in a manner unbecoming…but not a sex offender.

Sarahknowsbest · 7 months ago

Off with his head???

SilentEyes · 7 months ago

So, Andrew was at a Pizza restaurant
with his Daughter when this alleged
‘interaction’ was supposed to have taken place?
If this ever gets to court (which is highly
doubtful), his Daughter would need to
testify, and possibly perjure herself to protect her Father.
This is an awful position to place ones
loved ones in…if the allegations are proven.

stablegenius305 · 7 months ago

Guilty as hell.
Why was Prince Andrew associating
with a convicted sex offender, appearing
on Epstein’s ‘who’s who’ list of celebrity

GardenRose · 7 months ago

Yeah right, and I was on a date with
Hans Christian Anderson!
So, the Prince’s security people will be
able to confirm this, and the pizza staff
would surely remember such a
‘distinguished’ guest arriving in Woking?
What a load of baloney.