Prince Andrew refuses to speak to Epstein inquiry



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patkgreen · 2 months ago

According to many staff, Andrew is an abusive man who looks down on the ‘underlings’ and there were often very young girls, allegedly smuggled in to his rooms. Ghislaine Maxwell was a frequent visitor to the Palace, and he stayed with Epstein on numerous occasions. He was completely in the thick of it and doesn’t care about the trafficked kids, self preservation is the only concern of this privileged man.

IraqiVet49 · 2 months ago

I would imagine his Royal connections mean he is not obliged to cooperate, even though he said he would. This foul man should face the music but their is no chance of that, it is not in his character as he would have no idea that he has done anything wrong!

SilentEyes · 2 months ago

Prince Andrew offered to help the police and now he refuses, as he is allegedly as guilty as sin. He visited Epstein even after Epstein’s conviction of sex with a minor…to break off their business deal ‘in person’, staying for a number of days. There are photos of him with Virginia Giouffre (the trafficked 17 year old), who accuses him of having sex with her on three occasions, and other compelling evidence. Just like the Jeffrey Epstein murder cover up, the powers to be will protect their interests.

Fubiz · 2 months ago

Maybe he thinks, now that he no longer has his royal public duties…that also encompasses the duty of cooperating with police?!