Prince Andrew steps back from public duties over Epstein scandal





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@Fubiz Fubiz · #Independent · 5 months ago
magahat · 5 months ago

‘Prince’ Andrew has not only let his
country down, he has put his own
Daughter in a position where she
may have to perjure herself, if this
depraved incident reaches court.
He put forward an alibi, to prove
he was not in the company of Epstein’s
girl for sexual services.
His alibi was, that he was having a meal
with his Daughter.
What if his Daughter has to swear under
oath in court?
A terrible position to place ones Daughter

SleepyJoe · 5 months ago

He must surely be prosecuted at the
earliest convenience…foul man.

SilentEyes · 5 months ago

This privileged man has used monies
from tax payers to bankroll his perverse
The powers to be should throw the book
at him…but I doubt it will happen!

JacePearce · 5 months ago

And so he should. This out of touch Prince
has shown utter disregard for the
young victims of Epstein’s foul ‘lolita’
sex trafficking, to the extent that he
celebrated his train wreck of an
interview, as he thought he was off the
The public around the world are rightly
disgusted, by his lies,selective amnesia,
and the abuse of his position.
Good riddance.