Trump accused of lack of emotion after being told about 8-year-old boy's family being killed in tornado



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truth_hurts · 23 days ago

He was relaying a story without any of the involved people or relatives there. Did you want him to cry? What a ridiculous criticism…

JacePearce · 23 days ago

So what? He was talking about it as if he is talking about weather forecast or what he had for breakfast this morning. Cereals, ripped out and flown into a certain area, bacon, orange juice…his entire family was wiped out, then I grabbed some eggs because I was still feeling hungry.

truth_hurts · 22 days ago

Did you have a seizure? I can’t even follow what you wrote. I think people should only comment about the politics of the country of their citizenship.

JacePearce · 22 days ago

I was trying to imitate Trump’s mindflow, so yes, it can come across as incoherent. And you know very well what I was saying there, you are just choosing to be a troll. In case you really do not understand, then you did not watch that video, or your IQ is very low.

patkgreen · 21 days ago

The not unexpected crass, insensitive reply that you are rapidly becoming known for. Cut out the insults truth_hurts, it lessens any kind of credibility in your comments, and it is a platform for debate not mud flinging.

truth_hurts · 21 days ago

You might want to direct your comment to JacePearce. All insults usually come from his/her direction. Thanks for playing though.

CyberWorrier · 23 days ago

Another example was when he met with Nadia Murad, a Yazidi activist from Iraq…She told him that her parents and 6 brothers were buried in a mass grave in Sinjar. All Trump had to say was: I know the area very well.
The man is soulless, just like Bloomberg.

magahat · 23 days ago

It is difficult to be emphatic in front of cameras, with everyone watching. OK, unless you are Joe Biden and can act.

GardenRose · 23 days ago

Why are you surprised? Trump is a sociopath, and they are characterized by their lack of empathy.