Viktor Orban praises Boris Johnson as one of the bravest politicians





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stablegenius305 · 7 months ago

I wish Boris Johnson was the president of the US. After all, he was born in New York. I have a lot of respect for that man.

IraqiVet49 · 7 months ago

I remember seeing Jean Claude Juncker jokingly slapping Viktor Orban on the cheek after whispering to a colleague, “here comes the dictator.” Hungary is the supposed “bad boy” of the European Union members. Orban refused to take on board excessive numbers of migrants, mirroring public support, and becoming the Pariah state. I see Orban more as a Patriot than this ill conceived far right dictator…as he is being painted in liberal media. Just look at how migration has impacted other E.U countries such as France, Germany, U.K, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Italy…(and others), would you call this a resounding success? Crime rates have rocketed, terrorist attacks, crimes against women, knife and gun crimes, acid attacks, child sexual grooming cases, have all risen since the implementation and saturation of Europe, without thought of the cultural and religious differences and the problems arising from that. As for Orban’s racism towards poor old George Soros, do me a favour, Soros attempted to meddle politically in Budapest, and he was kicked out…rightly so. Soros has a record of going into countries like former Yugoslavia and damaging infrastructures whilst lining his own pocket, an Antifa sponsor…say no more.

Youngguari · 7 months ago

Hungary are one of several Eastern European countries dissatisfied with the bullies from Brussels. The Czech Republic and Poland being tipped to be the next “Hungrexit,” Czechxit," and “Polexit”…that doesn’t work???..The E. U Immigration policies are not accepted by the less Liberal minded Eastern bloc Nations and this will always be a stumbling block facing Brussels.