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@Fubiz Fubiz · #Memes · 6 months ago
Ive_got_a_sword · 6 months ago

Strange analogy?
Trump was a victim of snobbery, by a
trio of public schoolboy ‘prefects’.???
Boris Johnson is giving Trump wide
berth, with the U.K elections coming up
next week, to safeguard any media
spin re; 'Trump’s involvement in election.
Macron and Trump had a huge spat
regarding outstanding NATO payments,
and Trudeau (the most ridiculous leader
on the planet) took the opportunity to
have a cissy giggle with the two of them
in order to regain some kudos after
his multiple ‘fancy dress’ debacles were
brought to light.
Whilst Trump’s behaviour makes him an
easy target, I thought he stood his ground,
and will be far from worried about the
likes of little Justin, whispering b.s in
the corner.
Incidentally, the last President to come
over to the U.K , who courted the most
vitriol, was Barrack Obama.
He threatened the Brits, prior to the
Brexit referendum that…if you leave the
E.U, you will be at the ‘back of the queue
regarding trade’.
But hey, a little bit of Trump baiting is
much bigger news?

SleepyJoe · 6 months ago

But Justin Trudeau…really???