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With the corporation of the Mexican government and a new system of legalization we can protect the border and allow safe passage for the south american immigrant. We would still face drug distribution here in America and mass chaos throughout mexico which is why the next option would have to be establishing a new digital currency here in the United states making the U.S the central bank of this new currency which would erase value to drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and corruption not only i…

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Today we face extreme issues that demand our greatest attention. But one that speaks louder than the hate our nation endures today is the right to bare arms. For such a right was given to those who faced foreign invaders in an Era where our founding fathers felt threatend not only then but for the future they helped build. A future they beleived would be protected under a law that would arm thier citizens in case of war. The world around us today is not a stable one but a more humane and understanding worl…

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South America suffers from political corruption, Terrorist organizations and gangs that are all interested in profit, power and control over their people . Everytime an immigrant from mexico crosses into America we are quick to assume they are all thiefs, murderers, and drug dealers when in fact they come to our country to live a better life Away from poverty, corruption, cartels and gangs that put fear into thier everyday lives. Not once have we understood the problem and reason why we have s…

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