A near-miraculous night for Biden



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@FireStorm FireStorm · #Newsroom · 8 months ago
SilentEyes · 8 months ago

Incredible night for Biden! Sanders didn’t see that coming, well certainly the extent of support for Biden. Bloomberg looks down and out and the comment, “he’s a rolls royce advertising campaign with a Lada candidate” is just so true, brilliant. So we have a 2 horse race now and the pressure is on Bernie. Biden must reduce the fantasy statistics and nonsensical remarks to continue his remarkable phoenix from the flames miracle, the establishment will be behind him and the media will continue digging up Bernie bloopers from the last few decades. African Americans have come onside for Joe, and Jim Clyburns endorsement was a turning point.

Ive_got_a_sword · 8 months ago

It could hardly of gone better for Joe, far above his own expectations. He definitely owes Jim Clyburn a drink.