Biden calls out "Bernie brothers"





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FireStorm · 9 months ago

I have a feeling that Burismo will rear its ugly head and lead to the downfall of Joe Biden.

Fubiz · 9 months ago

At least ‘Sleepy Joe’ got part of the name right…that’s progress.

Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops · 9 months ago

For once I side with Sleepy Joe on this. Bernie Bros, BernieBrothers, what’s the bloody difference, just a bit of nit picking if you ask me. And Sanders supporters and his band of Anti American ‘progressives’ like Cortez, Tlaib and the awful Ilhan Omar project sentiments that are out of touch with normal, decent Americans…their Sanctuary cities rhetoric, very dangerous to the future of law and order and showing a vile contempt for National security.