Biden mocks Trump: We need a leader the world respects





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ashandkev · 7 months ago

This is like the ‘pot calling the kettle black’.
Biden’s campaign has been noteworthy
because of his multiple moments of
confusion, especially when debating
with fellow nominees.
He is fortunate to have very little
competition within the fellow candidates.

SilentEyes · 7 months ago

Hhaha, this is really funny, coming from Biden.
He is not even a leader wannabe the US respects.
He is mocked every time he opens his mouth. Lest we forget his many gaffes:

magahat · 7 months ago

Do not be so harsh towards Sleepy Joe…At least he is active in the gym and confronted CornPop.
Alas, his mental faculties leave something to be desired (a lot to be desired)…but we cannot have it all, can we?