Biden's regular meltdowns and why is he defending Hunter?





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Not a single day passes, without Joe Biden having one of his moments, for which he is known. Forgetting that Kamala Harris was another black person on the stage. Saying he came out of the black community. Nibbling his wife’s finger. Now, saying that this voter is a damn liar and challenging him to push-ups because he questioned his mental faculties.

But why is he defending Hunter so much? He should throw him under the bus. OK, your obvious answer is that Hunter is his son. But that is not enough. The man had a severe drug problem, his wife filed for divorce accusing him of all sorts of transgressions. He fathered God knows how many children. Burisma, without being qualified…Does Joe even realize his son cannot be defended?

gobuddy · 7 months ago

That man asked a logical question.
Was Hunter selling access to the president at that time? How did he get a job if he was not qualified?
The fact that Joe got so angry says a lot. He has something to fear.

FireStorm · 7 months ago

He is his son. It is not enough? His first son died, and boys’ mother died when they were young. So, I would say that answers your question.