Bloomberg's campaign is preposterous



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@ashandkev ashandkev · #Newsroom · 10 months ago
Pedestrian · 10 months ago

Hey, this is capitalism and considering how trump has so vividly demonstrated that being POTUS is such a great profit center and nothing is preposterous. It will be business as usual.
National Review, it’s editorial board and readers should be happy, expecting yet another tax revenue cut, borrow the balance from our children too young to vote, ever ready to lend some back to the govt…should at least feel a little more of that good 'ole capitalist hedonism.

GardenRose · 10 months ago

Mr Bloomberg would be better served
donating his campaign money to the
poor and needy, at least he won’t be
wasting his money…which he will be
by funding this futile, unwinnable

Fubiz · 10 months ago

His money, his choice. He did not steal it from anyone. It is not like Bloomberg is a complete political joke…They hate him because he is rich.
But remember how he reduced crime in NYC? He is a capable man.

patkgreen · 10 months ago

Bloomberg has money to spend, and
also has the arrogance to think he
may be a contender for the Dem
ticket, not a chance.