Bloomberg's Super Bowl ad





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patkgreen · 8 months ago

Bloomberg is apparently sorry for his actions when as Major, he indiscriminately locked up black men on minor charges with his infamous ‘stop and search’ policies. He made a grovelling public apology and has since been courting the black American vote. This ‘ad’ comes across as patronizing and in many ways false. The young man was in a gang, there were 2 guns involved, and he wasn’t a kid. Bloomberg has exaggerated child gun death…in fact doubled the figures as he claims to be the saviour, banning guns and lying through his teeth. Most Americans see Mike Bloomberg as an old white, bored billionairre who thinks that his billions will buy him the Democrat vote, it ain’t gonna happen Mike, you are just another rich old fraud.

magahat · 8 months ago

Bloomberg would say he is sorry for being born, if only he thought it could bring him more votes.

gobuddy · 8 months ago

‘Go take a hike mini Mike’.