CyberWorrier · 20 days ago

He promises prosperity, but all the same…It is easy to promise, but difficult to fulfill those promises. Brexit will turn out to be a lot more complicated then he expects.

stablegenius305 · 20 days ago

I agree that he has a difficult job, however, Corbyn would have probably bankrupted the U.K with his open door policy regarding immigration, which has already crippled the welfare system and the National Health Service. His promise to cut foreign aid to recipients who don’t warrant this is also encouraging. The U.K is in a much better position than before to negotiate a good deal in Brussels, and the Brits will judge Boris on what kind of deal he manages to get.

magahat · 20 days ago

Hopefully Boris’ tenure will offer some stability after several years of division.

SleepyJoe · 20 days ago

The Brits have been divided for 3 years over Brexit and it is good news that they can finally move on. Johnson’s landslide victory in the General Election was a huge plus for democracy. Now for the hard work sorting out a free trade deal with Brussels.