CyberWorrier · 2 months ago

The fake news media are chomping at the bit, with the General Election, just four
days away.
Johnson will succumb, and deliver Brexit,
or a form of Brexit

magahat · 2 months ago

This anti Boris fake news, mirrors
the Trump derangement hysteria we
have had here for the last 3 years,
but maybe not quite so intensely.
Johnson was quoted as saying, ‘people
of talent’ are welcome to the U.K,
and the left completely changed his
words to ‘people of colour’!
Have the U.K media somehow hired
Schiff and Pelosi, certain parallels here?
Johnson rightly intends to have controlled
borders in the U.K, as opposed to Corbyn,
who would have convicted ISIS terrorists
come back, to be deradicalised…well that
worked well last week, when Usman
Khan slaughtered and injured innocent
people, whilst attending a deradicalisation