Boris’s ‘deal’ won’t take back control





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stablegenius305 · a year ago

‘Career politicians undermine the will of the electorate’…shocker.

Youngguari · a year ago

Johnson has done his best but the Soros
sponsored left have rabidly opposed, with the help of Tory rebels and the Speaker of the House…John Bercow.

Absinthe_Mind · a year ago

This is not Brexit. In many ways, the ‘deal’,
is worse than remaning in the e.u.
The ‘transition’ period doesn’t clarify length of transition, whilst we are still in a European ‘treaty’. This means that the U.K
laws will be made via the European Court of Justice and we are omitted from any policy discussions. There are far too many negatives, which makes this ‘deal’ unacceptable to Brexit leavers, the vast majority who wanted to leave without a deal. The skullduggery and deviousness of our M.P’s (many who financially profit from Brussels) is beyond scandalous.