Brexit is coming to Great Britain





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stablegenius305 · 6 months ago

Those voters who vote tactically, could
make the difference between a Tory
clear majority, or a hung Parliament,
which the majority of the voters do
not want.

magahat · 6 months ago

I very much hope that Brexit will go through
and the Brits don’t suffer another
referendum, which is the likelihood should
there be a hung Parliament.
Boris was unwise not to take up Farage’s
offer, forty seats for the Brexit Party to
contend, where the Tories have little
chance of success.
Farage put country before party in agreeing
not to run in strong Tory constituencies,
Boris should have played ball.
The Brexit Party are popular in the North
of England and in Wales (previously very
strong Labour support areas).
Long standing Labour supporters in those
regions feel disenfranchised, with
Corbyn seemingly ignoring those areas
and strengthening his position in the
One interesting point, is that 5,000
Labour voters, voted to leave the E.U,
and many of these in leave constituencies
were ignored by their local M.P’s.
So, there will be a number of casualties,
as the people will not forget.