Buttigieg is a far cry from Obama





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@Absinthe_Mind Absinthe_Mind · #Newsroom · 4 months ago
SilentEyes · 4 months ago

It is a slightly patronising approach to
attempt enticing African Americans
by citing parallel positives with Obama.
Obama had far more experience in the
political arena, and still had a major job
in convincing potential voters, and the
fact he was of Afro American origin,
gave him the edge.
Buttigieg’s ‘lifestyle choice’ also goes
against the principles of many church
going black voters.
He obviously has potential, but it’s too
early to be talking about him as a serious
candidate, he needs far more experience.

Youngguari · 4 months ago

The last time a more experienced candidate won was in the 1980s. Just sayin’