IraqiVet49 · 10 days ago

Buttigieg had got himself consistently in the mix now and with Biden and Warren fading, could move on as a serious challenger to the soaring Sanders

Absinthe_Mind · 10 days ago

Buttigieg has had s good run in Iowa and now N.H but I think he will running in 4th or 5th when we get to Nevada/S. Carolina onwards. He needs to get African Americans on board to have a chance of toppling Sanders or Biden…who I think will recover from his slump post N.H.

LukeBizzare · 10 days ago

Whatever the likes of Biden and Warren have to say, Pete’s continuing to get very good backing in New Hampshire and voters are on side with him. I notice that the hugely experienced Biden is imploding in front of our very eyes, so experience certainly doesn’t count for everything.