Buttigieg wants to decriminalize all the drugs



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@FireStorm FireStorm · #Newsroom · 5 months ago
IraqiVet49 · 5 months ago

If the Government can marginalize the dealers, it can only be a good thing as it will also remove weapons from these gangs and cut hiv and aids if controlled properly.

LukeBizzare · 5 months ago

It’s not often that I agree with Mayor Pete, but I think he’s right on the ticket here. The dealers need to be stopped, and by decriminalising the drugs and allowing government agencies to distribute safe, regulated doses of opiates, linking up with treatment centres…would take the business away from the gangsters, who control the lives of these sick people. It will mean that the strength and safety of these drugs can be assessed and it will eventually remove the dealers and middlemen from our streets.