Buttigieg will be back





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patkgreen · 8 months ago

Buttigieg will certainly be back and maybe under the reinvigorated Biden should Joe continue to recover and challenge Sanders. Mayor Pete will hone his obvious skills over the years and maybe we could see him up against D.T Junior in a few years time, stranger things have happened?

IraqiVet49 · 8 months ago

How do you think he can hone his skills and connect with black voters? Ditch Chasten and find a hunky black guy?

Absinthe_Mind · 8 months ago

Mayor Pete did as well if not better than people expected, although Joe Biden was in freefall for a lot of that time. He has a grasp of politics, he maybe a little too squeaky clean but he has proved that he has a good future and Buttigieg has certainly made more friends than not.