China should be held accountable





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SleepyJoe · a year ago

Yes they should and they should be charged and sued for negligent homicide for delaying the disclosure of vital information.

CyberWorrier · a year ago

The Chinese communist party ordered a cover up when they were legally responsible to share information around the globe. The “wet blood” wildlife markets responsible for SARS and other viruses over the years are still allowed to do business, despite the lack of hygiene and the eating of bats and sparrows for the sake of protein! Xi has got a hell of a lot to answer for and where is the most concentrated if Chinese around Europe…Italy.

truth_hurts · a year ago

We should start by erasing the 1 trillion in debt we owe to them and then start working from there.

JacePearce · a year ago

You are a huge fan of SciFi and Fantasy it seems.