Clinton starting a podcast



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@SleepyJoe SleepyJoe · #Newsroom · 7 months ago
magahat · 7 months ago

I hope she brings up the Epstein murder and the sexual trafficking of young girls, she probably will forget to do that?

FireStorm · 7 months ago

She has the 4 hour book/video to promote, as well as giving us her ‘well read’ opinions…do Americans really want to see this nutjob and her podcast? We will see.

Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops · 7 months ago

Good luck with that Hillary. She just cannot keep away and still suffers from that sense of entitlement following her defeat to Trump three and a half years ago. No doubt this podcast will be a Trump bashing fest, will she be able to avoid total implosion as she cackles through in her manic style?