Corbyn: Monarchy needs improvement after Prince Andrew scandal



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@SleepyJoe SleepyJoe · #Newsroom · 4 months ago
ashandkev · 4 months ago

Prince Andrew should be ‘put out to
pasture’ after shaming himself, his
family, and the British people, whose
taxes pay towards his lavish ‘lifestyle’.
His abuse of his position, coupled with
his absurd denials, have made his
position untenable.
Corbyn is correct, but does not go far

ben_afleck_is_an_ok_actor · 4 months ago

Jeremy Corbyn has been on record for
some time, for wanting the Monarchy
He may well have a point, after Prince
Andrew’s sordid little secrets, and the
privileges that have been abused by
various Royals.

stablegenius305 · 4 months ago

Corbyn should look closer to home before
commenting on the Royal Family that
he despises.
Naz Shah, Labour M.P for Leicester,
‘Everything Hitler did, was legal’ (2014).
And commenting on the sexual grooming
scandal 2017, Shah again, retweeted about
the multiple child victims, ‘they should keep
their mouths shut, for the sake of
diversity’! The tweet was later withdrawn
and explained…as a ‘mistake’.
Add to that Keith Vaz…suspended for an alleged rent boy/cocaine scandal and
the widespread antisemitism which has
forced several resignations, and Corbyn
should be more motivated in cleaning up
his own Party.

JacePearce · 4 months ago

Like any decent person, I think Prince Andrew should come clean about his
sordid meetings with Epstein’s victims,
and the Palace should look seriously
at cleaning up it’s act.
However, we don’t need the anti Semite,
Corbyn telling us this.
Corbyn hates the Royal Family and
met several times with the I.R.A…
killers of Prince Philip’s Uncle,
Lord Mountbatten…so shut up Corbyn.