Could this be the end for Biden?



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@FireStorm FireStorm · #Newsroom · 2 months ago
magahat · 2 months ago

Biden looks finished, tired and completely lacklustre. He could do with one of Hunters ‘magic potions,’ nothing else is working.

LukeBizzare · 2 months ago

Biden isn’t in good shape, he is prone to angry outbursts, he is slurring and sometimes forgetting his ‘famous’ stories, and regularly gets confused. He did mention that he may only serve one term should he be elected, I don’t even think he has the stamina or mental capabilities to sustain even one term.

JacePearce · 2 months ago

I think Biden just thought if he turns up, he wins, and many thought the same. His performances and results have been more than disappointing, he’s nosedived. If he has another setback in S. Carolina, he’s finished.