Covid 19: Made in China or Made in America?





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@JacePearce JacePearce · #Newsroom · 6 months ago
gobuddy · 6 months ago

If Wei from Wuhan is patient zero…how could it be that it is “made in America”?

IraqiVet49 · 6 months ago

If there is a cover up and it is confirmed, that will be the end of Trump.

SilentEyes · 6 months ago

Which cover up are you talking about?

patkgreen · 6 months ago

This hysterical person is their Foreign Ministry Spokesperson?

magahat · 6 months ago

Do not be stupid…Of course the Chinese scientists will say that the virus originated outside of China. They want to deflect the blame.

"“Netizens are encouraged to actively partake in discussions, but preferably in a rational fashion.”

In China, that is meaningful. If the reports were rubbish, the government would clearly state that, and tell people to not spread false rumors"

Really, as if this is not in China’s interests?

JacePearce · 6 months ago

This part is very important:
"And on March 12, in a statement to the US Congress (House Oversight Committee), CDC Director Robert Redfield unwittingly “spilled the beans”. He candidly admitted, yes, some cases diagnosed as seasonal flu could have been coronavirus.

When did this occur? In October, November? What is the chronology. It is worth noting that Redfield’s statement is corroborated by both Japanese and Taiwanese virologists. Two countries which are staunch allies of the USA"

Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops · 6 months ago

Wait for the expected denial blaming a ‘misquote’ from Bob Redfield and we will be in Epstein cover up mode.