Cuomo: This is no time for politics



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@ashandkev ashandkev · #Newsroom · 2 months ago
magahat · 2 months ago

Before Cuomos absurd elevation into Moses, he was responsible for leaving New York’s hospitals in disrepair, slashing funding on a regular basis. Maybe if the hospitals were in better condition the people would be too?

LukeBizzare · 2 months ago

Trump is cleverly spinning the perception of a man in Delaware on a commode or a pro-active younger Dem in New York to divide and weaken the opposition.

SleepyJoe · 2 months ago

Politics should of course come second to bi-partizan co-operation to tackle this pandemic rather than petty point pinching.

truth_hurts · 2 months ago

Cuomo has crap talked Trump and snubbed his nose at this administration since 2016. He went so far as to refuse DMV access to federal law enforcement. Now he finds himself in the situation of needing much federal assistance. Another case of what an idiot Cuomo is. A good politician wouldn’t burn a bridge before knowing his future path.

Absinthe_Mind · 2 months ago

Cuomos early inactivity caused the pandemic epicentral situation we have now got in New York. Ok, he has the ears of the people but peoples memories are short.